English 114B Portfolio – Charlene Gipuland

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  In this student’s creative English 114B portfolio, new kinds of text are employed for an interesting and charming result.  Her essays on Watchmen and Geek Love demonstrate cogent analysis and are really enhanced by accompanying visual elements.  Also, don’t miss her comic preface.

Autobiography – Jenny Dullas

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I am a Filipino American, born and raised in Lancaster,CA. I previously attended Antelope Valley High School, where I graduated in gold and was ranked as the fifth valedictorian. Currently, I am a freshmen here at Cal State Northridge. Also, I am part of EOP and before starting school, I attended a summer bridge program over the summer which was Freshstart. I am …

Autobiography – Pamela C. Palencia

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I’m a young, independent individual who is spontaneous, passionate, creative, and filled with ambition. I am born and raised in California and the first in my family to attend a four year university. Growing up, I always believed that our past is what really shapes our future. I believe I am the writer I am today through all the English …

Hope Lost in the Ocean’s Ugliness

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Isolated in an ocean of grey, none others present but the clear loose plastic that surrounds the abandon wooden boat. A wooden boat whose appearance looks like rusty, ancient handles bars from a forgotten bicycle. This immense amount of waste floating on a grime-filled body of water is motionless. His hope is trapped in the surroundings of multiple junk food …

Autobiography – Bianca Lowe

Chris Beecher About the Authors, New Voices

My name is Bianca Lowe, and I came to California State University, Northridge in Fall 2013 as a student-athlete for the Women’s collegiate soccer team. Currently, I am entering my sophomore year and majoring in Kinesiology in hopes of one day becoming a physical therapist. I attended Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland, California where I built a great foundation for myself academically, athletically, …

English 114B Course Website – Anahid Bajikian

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Various genres are combined into one cohesive project in this student’s 114B website.  Featuring  an exploration of space and an analysis of a graphic novel, this site speaks to the rhetorical power of non-traditional texts, and the importance of engaging with these subjects.

Metal Music

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Metal music has had a bad reputation since it began in the late 1960’s. Society believed that metal music is a bad influence because of the way the music sounds, its lyrics, and the fans’ appearance.  Many people believe that metal fans are less intelligent than those who embrace pop culture because of their love of the Metal genre. For …