Autobiography – Pamela C. Palencia

Chris BeecherAbout the Authors, New Voices

I’m a young, independent individual who is spontaneous, passionate, creative, and filled with ambition. I am born and raised in California and the first in my family to attend a four year university. Growing up, I always believed that our past is what really shapes our future. I believe I am the writer I am today through all the English teachers I’ve had the opportunity to experience. Through my past writing, I feel I’ve had the advantage to explore myself as a writer, overcoming my struggles by stepping out of my comfort zone, acknowledging my strengths and weaknesses. I look at my passionate, creative, ambitious personality as a tool to apply in my own work to connect with my readers. I want my readers to know and understand that I see my own life like a piece of paper and a pencil that is still writing and trying to shape itself. I started with nothing but a clean slate and as I continue to live my life, it’s like I continue to write my story until I finally reach my destination. But until then, I enjoy the writing process of my own life, the journey that I am currently on.