Wings, the annual collection of distinguished student essays, is in its 24th edition, and since many first-year writing classes now include multimodal forms of composition in the coursework, students are incorporating new media and visual arts as a means to further the communication and analysis of myriad texts and mediums.

The online component to Wings reflects current trends in multimodal literacy and displays our first-year writers apt engagement of their multifaceted compositional interests and skills.

In this Wings website, we highlight a variety of projects that creatively incorporate visual arts and rhetorical analysis alongside web portfolios and blogs.




Table of Contents by Title

“Say Hello to my Little Friend”: Media’s Fear of the Gangster’s BFF by Delia Scari – This essay examines how the media feeds into our fears of the ‘gangster’ based on its portrayal.

Grief: How It Controls Lives by Bradley Iverson – This essay explores how grief can affect different people in different ways, but offers all of us an important message.

Expectations of Queer Studies 114B by Amber Barraza – This reflection examines how a writer can grow, inside and outside of the classroom. It also explores how a writing course can be useful for us not only as writers, but to learn about different groups of people.

Our Voices Will Make a Change by Danielle Snali and Margaret Duggan – This website aims to spread awareness about police brutality against people of color in America. It offers us articles and other factual information that we can consider regarding this issue.

What Happened to Free Speech on College Campuses? by Sarah Hemphill – This essay argues that free speech is slowly diminishing throughout college campuses, and as a result, students are at risk of not being exposed to various viewpoints that could potentially help them learn.