Escaping Into Fantasy

Escaping Into Fantasy

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In this blog post, Tariq Soliman analyzes Owl City’s “Fireflies” and the music video for the song.  In an effective and interesting discussion of the song and video’s thematic element, Tariq sheds new light on this popular piece of music.

Learning Something New Every Day

Learn Something New Every Day

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This beautifully-designed blog reveals a positive outlook on life as this student author completes their first year of composition.  Complete with posts covering various text and even some poetry, this blog is a pleasure to read.  

Rustam’s Los Angeles

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People view Los Angeles in different ways. Some people see it as a playground, a music stage, or a movie set. My Los Angeles is a giant exhibition of art by various artists. This huge exhibition is made out of architecture, museums, sculptures, and street art. It is also made up of different cultures and nationalities. This unique city unites …

Autobiography – Rustam Sharipov

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My name is Rustam Sharipov. I was born and raised in Russia. I went to school in Russia until seventh grade. At that moment my family moved over to the United States. When I first got to United States everything looked unusual and different to me. I did not know the language to speak with people. My parents decided that it …

Autobiography – Vladimir Jimenez

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“I don’t want an autobiography, just put ‘autobiography.’” I’ve been programming since I was in 8th grade and love it. I started researching how programs were made and discovered the art of coding. To this day, coding has been my escape from life and English. I have always struggled with English until I met my favorite English teacher in High …

Ethnography: Arbor Court

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For my ethnography I chose the busiest place I have visited on the CSUN campus: Arbor Court. Arbor Court is located on the north side of the campus, behind Bayramian Hall. There is the Arbor, Freudian Sip, and the Super Market in the Arbor Court, as well as a big yard with over twenty tables so that everybody can socialize …

The Sacrifice of Being a Teen Model

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For many teenage girls, becoming a model means walking the runway in designer clothes, having hair and make-up done professionally and becoming famous. Because of the clothes models wear and having their hair and make-up done, some girls appear to look older. Yet many forget how young some of these girls really are. Each year the industry focuses on pursuing …

Whang - Comic Preface


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“Over the course, I have definitely developed a better understanding of issues around the world, and I can now develop strong ideas of my own to back the issues up.” Read the entire Comic Preface by Jessica Whang

The Botanic Gardens

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I am at peace; I am currently in the Botanic Gardens at CSUN, and it is surprisingly calm. People are shuffling and scuffling around the gardens’ perimeters. It makes me feel nervous; it feels like I shouldn’t be here but at the same time it feels just right. Sitting in front of me, there is a CSUN trash can with …