Anais Unanyan, “The Soul’s Expression”

Chris BeecherLetter, Portfolio Preface

Dear Reader, English was never my strong suit. Typically, I fell under the umbrella of “mathletes” and “algebraniacs” which struck pride in my family of engineers, architects, and accountants. I followed the strict formulas and steps set before me even when given the restrictive and limiting five-paragraph essay. It wasn’t until I began writing my personal insight essays that I …

Welcome: A Portfolio Preface

Chris BeecherPortfolio, Portfolio Preface

Dear portfolio reader, For my cover letter, I decided to be a bit creative, and make an Instagram feed that would highlight my struggles, weaknesses, and most importantly, improvements throughout this semester. Instagram: “notabvstander” ( This name represents my newly-found will to start taking actions this semester in order to take control of my academic learning, rather than sitting back, …

114B Portfolio – Julian Soriano

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In this online portfolio and blog, the author showcases his works for “Project Text” and “Project Space.” Throughout the essay “Medical Procedures and Psychological Scars in Literary Works,” he compares and contrasts Next to Normal by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey to One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey. For “Project Space,” he submits a proposal to build …

Motivational Story for English Learners – Wondia Mireille Yeo

Chris BeecherPortfolio Preface, Wings

Here, you will find a creative take on the portfolio reflective essay each CSUN first-year writer must create. This author frames this reflection as a newsletter written in the third person as a means to convey the compelling story of her journey as an international student in English 113B. While the form of this essay draws the reader in, the …

English 115 Desk Photo

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  This photograph speaks to the many tools students use to succeed in writing. According to the student who took this photography, this is what his desk usually looks like by the end of a long night of writing or annotating a book . He said, “I think this picture captures what it means to be a college student.”

The Struggle and the Real Writing Process

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  Here, you will find an interesting example of a student drawing inspiration from their interests, like screenwriting, to motivate their writing. Her tone and her attention to detail make this script an interesting example of a truly reflective piece for a portfolio.  Click on the link below to read the script in its entirety. Wings2014The Struggle and the Real Writing …

A Writer’s Journey

Chris BeecherNew Voices, Portfolio Preface, Previous Editions

  In this comic, the speaker reflects on her experience in her writing class, with an emphasis on her expectations and her use of campus resources to help her continue in her improvement. The innovative layout of this comic allows the readers to choose their own path as they follow cheerfully-drawn characters through the first semester experience. Click here to …


Chris BeecherNew Voices, Portfolio Preface, Previous Editions

This comic narrates a student’s anxiety about turning in her portfolio on time. The illustrations placed next to the text emphasize both the humor of her situation, and her peril. Her panic and eventual triumph are a cautionary tale about procrastination and a testament to the virtues of revising ahead of time. Click here to read the whole Reflection!

Portfolio Song

Chris BeecherNew Voices, Portfolio Preface, Previous Editions

    First time I came into this class I had no idea who I’m gonna meet And what I’m gonna learn Little did I know It’s gonna be my favorite class And here’s the reason why… It’s my first time having a blog as homework It was kinda awkward at first But I found it’s so much fun So …