Portfolio Song

Chris BeecherNew Voices, Portfolio Preface, Previous Editions



First time I came into this class
I had no idea who I’m gonna meet
And what I’m gonna learn
Little did I know
It’s gonna be my favorite class
And here’s the reason why…

It’s my first time having a blog as homework
It was kinda awkward at first
But I found it’s so much fun
So much fun

On my first page I have my introduction
Second page is my blog
Followed by my music page
Since you all know I sing almost everyday
Lastly, I have my Progression pages,
Progression 1, 2, 1, 2, 3

My favorite would be, my first and second one,
I talked about my story, from another country
And how I learned to read and write.

Moving on to the other topic,
But “Ew!” it’s about politics,
But after all these research,
And grouping with my classmates,
Oh gosh how I learned so much,
Not only ethos, pathos
There’s also, Logos,
They’re all the things I’ve never been told

I’m coming to an end,
But this song is not over yet.
I wanna thank you, thank you, every single one of you,
It’s my pleasure of meeting you
Thank you, Professor Lawrence,
For helping me through
May all of us, have a great winter break,
If the world’s not gonna end,
I wish to see you again.