Autobiography – Bianca Lowe

Chris BeecherAbout the Authors, New Voices

My name is Bianca Lowe, and I came to California State University, Northridge in Fall 2013 as a student-athlete for the Women’s collegiate soccer team. Currently, I am entering my sophomore year and majoring in Kinesiology in hopes of one day becoming a physical therapist. I attended Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland, California where I built a great foundation for myself academically, athletically, socially and spiritually. All of my teachers in high school were very helpful, especially my English teachers. At the time I was never fond about writing essays on novels that we had read in class, but when it came to writing persuasive or descriptive essays, I was really enthusiastic about writing. I also wasn’t aware of how creative my writing style was until I came to college and my teacher told me I should minor in journalism or in general, English. My first year of college writing went really well as I chose to focus more on expressing and analyzing my ideas with more depth than I had done in previous years of English courses. Besides playing soccer and attending school, some of my favorites things to do are traveling and photography. Eventually I hope that I can find time in my anticipating busy career choice to do some of those activities and continue to share more of my writing through new experiences.