The Need to Look and Feel Beautiful

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A woman with a seemingly-perfect face is staring directly at you with the phrases “crow’s feet”, “dark circles”, and “fine lines” written across the side of her cheek. These negative words are used to draw the attention of women who fear they have the same issues, so they can stop, look, and relate to the ad. Maybelline’s Instant Anti-Age, the Eraser, …

Sex in Advertising

Chris Beecher Advertisement Analysis, Argument, Film and Media, New Voices, Previous Editions, Social Criticism

A bikini model in a commercial for a car, a bikini model in an ad for watches, and bikini models on news posters. Today, sex and advertising go hand in hand. With today’s influence of media, advertisers are trying to reach their audience everywhere, from posters at bus-stops, to internet and TV commercials. Sex is often an important factor in …

A Writer’s Journey

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  In this comic, the speaker reflects on her experience in her writing class, with an emphasis on her expectations and her use of campus resources to help her continue in her improvement. The innovative layout of this comic allows the readers to choose their own path as they follow cheerfully-drawn characters through the first semester experience. Click here to …


Chris Beecher New Voices, Portfolio Preface, Previous Editions

This comic narrates a student’s anxiety about turning in her portfolio on time. The illustrations placed next to the text emphasize both the humor of her situation, and her peril. Her panic and eventual triumph are a cautionary tale about procrastination and a testament to the virtues of revising ahead of time. Click here to read the whole Reflection!

Emotional and Physical Effects of Heartbreak

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For the last year and a half, Grammy award-winning artist Adele has broken records and has gained global fame, all due to a boyfriend breaking her heart. Rapper Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem, has been making headlines for years for being his careless, judgmental self. He is known for writing hateful lyrics and not being embarrassed by publicly bashing …


Chris Beecher New Voices, Personal Narrative, Previous Editions

  “When I was growing up I spoke Spanish, so my inner voice or the voice I would hear in my head was in Spanish. I was amazed because now I can’t picture myself thinking in Spanish. Even when I speak Spanish I hear it in English.” Read the entire graphic narrative Spanglish by Irma Arias.  

We Are All The Same

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PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an American animal rights organization that strongly believes that animals are not ours to eat, wear, or experiment on (“What PETA Stands For”).  Their goals are to promote vegan diets and to end animal cruelty. They believe animals are compassionate just like you and that people should give them a voice …

Autobiography – Irma Arias

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It was a peaceful May evening, and I don’t remember how I got there, but I was outside sitting on the porch of my apartment eating a Smarties roll as the warm air gently touched my cheeks. I felt alive for the first time. The familiar smell of wet dirt and beautiful flowers that decorated the front of my home …

Portfolio Song

Chris Beecher New Voices, Portfolio Preface, Previous Editions

    First time I came into this class I had no idea who I’m gonna meet And what I’m gonna learn Little did I know It’s gonna be my favorite class And here’s the reason why… It’s my first time having a blog as homework It was kinda awkward at first But I found it’s so much fun So …