Autobiography – Irma Arias

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It was a peaceful May evening, and I don’t remember how I got there, but I was outside sitting on the porch of my apartment eating a Smarties roll as the warm air gently touched my cheeks. I felt alive for the first time. The familiar smell of wet dirt and beautiful flowers that decorated the front of my home gave me a sense of tranquility, and I had all I could ask for. I had family and friends that cared for me as I did for them, and a stray cat my sisters and I named Jigglypuff. What more could I ask for? My thoughts, however, began to wonder to strange territory. I was sitting on the balcony lost in my thoughts wondering about my future. Was I going to be a famous movie star, teacher, or even president of the United States? Then I realized I could do anything I really wanted. I wanted to go big and decided whatever I did I would change the world for the better. I mean, the problems were clear and so were the solutions, so I thought it was all common sense. I wanted to stop all kinds of suffering, to speak up and let everyone know what I was thinking. Everything seemed possible, and I was determined to make it work. I was tired of seeing animals and humans sharing the streets with empty stomachs and seeing any kind of pain which could be prevented. I have always wondered how things would be in 5, 10, 20, years and I was eager to know what the future had in store for me. I didn’t want to wait to find out. I was five at the time and that day has stuck with me until today as I continue to wonder what direction I decide to go, for the possibilities are endless.


My name is Irma Arias and I am currently enjoying my last days of being an 18 year old, and I can say life is a wondrous thing, and I am just barely beginning. I was born June 17, 1994 in Olive View Hospital in Sylmar California at around 10 pm and still live in Sylmar today. I was raised by a loving mother named Ilda and caring father named Angel. I have an older brother named Angel Jr. which has added to our still-growing family a lovely wife named Blanca and their two beautiful daughters, Angela and Blanquita. Then there’s my older sister Elizabeth. She is 23 and recently married to Officer Nunez who is part of the LA police department. My cousins and I joke they are too in love, it makes us sick. Lastly, is my little sister of 17 years named Lorena. She is something else. She is a very athletic and intelligent girl and the baby of the family. Although she has uncontrollable hair, I have never seen a girl with so much heart for soccer, her education, and family or anything she puts her mind to, frankly!


I think my family has shaped me to who I am today. Even though I’m known for giving them a hard time, they all encouraged me to play soccer and do the best I can in anything I put my mind on. All this time I’ve always tried to do what I wanted, and they disagree with many of my opinions for we are a very traditional Mexican family, but they still support me and frankly, sometimes I just feel like pushing buttons. I currently just finished my first year at California State University Northridge and I work a part time job at a local Little Ceasar’s.  I own a striped cat named Baby and a German Shepard named Molly. I dream of one day traveling around the world and somehow contribute into making this world a better place. I have never lost touch with my five year old self and still wonder what’s in store for me.