English 114 Course Website – Nia Deocampo

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This student takes the informal route in her exploration of relevant social and cultural issues, including finding one’s identity and social conceptions of beauty.  Here, you’ll also find an interesting reflection on this student’s 114B experience.  Informal and conventional aspects come together to create and interesting rhetorical experience.

Metal Music

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Metal music has had a bad reputation since it began in the late 1960’s. Society believed that metal music is a bad influence because of the way the music sounds, its lyrics, and the fans’ appearance.  Many people believe that metal fans are less intelligent than those who embrace pop culture because of their love of the Metal genre. For …

Sex in Advertising

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A bikini model in a commercial for a car, a bikini model in an ad for watches, and bikini models on news posters. Today, sex and advertising go hand in hand. With today’s influence of media, advertisers are trying to reach their audience everywhere, from posters at bus-stops, to internet and TV commercials. Sex is often an important factor in …

Composing Writing: Where Academia and Blogging Meet

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Composed of the work of an entire English 114B class, this website has tons of content to explore.  The site is divided mainly into three sections, each containing student work from one of the Projects: The Body, Beauty, & Gender; Monsters and Mythology; and Online Business Portfolio.  Spend time reading through the various student texts and remember to view the …

The World of Horror

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This blog delves into the genre of horror in its various incarnations.  Shelley Avraham provides reviews of various horror texts, exploring what horror really means.  Click the above screenshot to be taken to her blog.  

Escaping Into Fantasy

Escaping Into Fantasy

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In this blog post, Tariq Soliman analyzes Owl City’s “Fireflies” and the music video for the song.  In an effective and interesting discussion of the song and video’s thematic element, Tariq sheds new light on this popular piece of music.