More Than A Friend

My literacy journey with comics and reading began when I was living in my country, Kuwait. At that time, my family had a get-together in my grandfather’s house on a daily basis to help build a strong relationship between the family members, especially the kids. When I was 4 years old, I used to spend […]

Tende: The Foundation of My Family.

Although every family is different, there is one thing that every family has in common. Whether it is a place or object, every family has something that is close to their hearts. That place or object creates an emotional response as soon as you think of it or see it. In the case of my […]


  “When I was growing up I spoke Spanish, so my inner voice or the voice I would hear in my head was in Spanish. I was amazed because now I can’t picture myself thinking in Spanish. Even when I speak Spanish I hear it in English.” Read the entire graphic narrative Spanglish by Irma Arias.