Assignments for the Online Essays of Waves, Second Edition

Discussion Questions: In “No Sweet Tooth, Just Trigger Fingers”, author Yasmeen Diego analyzes an advertisement in favor of stricter gun control and identifies the methods this advertisement uses to appeal to their target audience. Have you ever encountered a particularly persuasive commercial, poster ad, or billboard? What kind of appeals did the advertisement utilize and […]

Ramen is Art

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word ramen? You may think of a delectable bowl of noodles, the smell of boiling broth, or you might be thinking of the store-bought packet of dried noodles you can cook at home. One of the things most people probably don’t think of when […]

The Dark Side of Rap: XXXTentacion’s Final Album, ?

Editor’s Note: For those unfamiliar with XXXTentacion’s musical stylings, you can listen to the album that informed Regala’s paper here. When suicide and depression come up in a discussion, what are some immediate reactions? When openly discussing a person’s mental health, speaking up and being honest is not easy. Television shows and other media outlets […]

“Formation” to Unite the Nation

Editor’s Note: If you would like to see the music video for Beyoncé’s “Formation,” you can click here. In 2005 of August, Hurricane Katrina forced around 1.5 million people to evacuate and around 700 people are still missing today. Recovery for this incident took years and many citizens have not recovered financially. Many believe that […]

No Sweet Tooth, Just Trigger Fingers

Editor’s Note: The following essay refers to an advertisement that can be viewed here. A smaller version has also been included in the text. Americans have a special relationship with guns. Gun ownership is protected by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, but some people believe the rights of citizens to own guns […]

Welcome: A Portfolio Preface

Dear portfolio reader, For my cover letter, I decided to be a bit creative, and make an Instagram feed that would highlight my struggles, weaknesses, and most importantly, improvements throughout this semester. Instagram: “notabvstander” ( This name represents my newly-found will to start taking actions this semester in order to take control of my academic […]

The College Transition

Growing up, I was always told that going to college was the only way to get a job and be successful in life, but not once did either of my parents talk to me about the struggle of college life. While I was going from middle school to high school, my sister was transitioning into […]