“Where I’m From” Poem

Chris BeecherCreative Writing, Description & Scene

Exercise Prompt: In response to George Ella Lyon’s “Where I’m From,” construct your own poem in the same format.


I am from the land of the Quetzal,

from where you can feel volcanic sand flying through the air

vegetation around you.

Spanish is flowing from north to south

east to west

sometimes the neighbor knows more about your life than yourself

even your most deepest secrets.


I’m from where the money is equal to the first law of Einstein,

“everything is relative

happiness based on who surrounds you

familia, amigos, mascotas

even the corner of the street

where blood is left behind

blood of joy

not just you but numerous kids


I’m from a jocote has more protein than a protein bar,

(nature=key word)

everything is fresher than me

even when getting a fresh haircut on a Sunday

(almost impossible)


In my place success is synonym of fear

dreams become just in ideas

rights? is only a definition

power the enemy of the community

so much darkness in a brightness