My Home

Chris BeecherCreative Writing, Description & Scene

Exercise Prompt: Describe your space in detail. Make sure you use words that evoke at least 3 of the 5 senses. Choose a clear organizing strategy for your description (see Oregon Writes) such as inside to outside, top to bottom, front to back, or oldest to newest.

When entering the space of my home, you will notice the family photos laid out on the table and in each of those pictures shows how much we love and feel happy together spending time and how much my uncle and his partner care for me and my sister. Walking up the stairs, you can start to smell the sweetness of something baking, my uncle enjoys baking everyday to give to us or his friends. Along the walls of the stair are old pictures from when my uncle was younger and all in black and white. It is as if you are in a museum looking at old photos of the late 1900s and seeing what life was like then in San Francisco.

By the time you have reached the top of the stairs you are at the hallway, where even more photos are hanging on the wall. To the left is mine and my sister’s room and to the right is my uncles and his partner’s room. As I walking into our room, you immediately notice the difference of how one side is very much girly, my makeup is laid out on my table and I have posters of my favorite female singers up, and all of my shoes lined up from high heels to sneakers whereas my sisters side, who is a tomboy, has her favorite sport teams posters up and he boxing mitts hanging. She likes to have her sneakers in order of color and keeps her sneakers cleaning things near them so she’s able to clean them everyday.

Entering out of our room, the living room is next to it and it has two couches that you are able to sit on, there are pictures in every direction of the living room you can look at. It is the brightest room of the house where there is a big wide window and yellow suntone paint that the walls glow when the light comes into the room. This room is where we all as a family come into and spend time together, we play board games, have movie night, laugh together. The living room is where we spend a lot of our time because we try to do at least one thing all together everyday even if it is just one round of a game.

The last room in my home space and possibly my favorite, is the kitchen. This is where we love to cook together and blast music where it travels through the house and down the stairs and we dance around with a mixing spoon in our hands and using it as a microphone as if we are giving a performance of a lifetime. The room is painted in purple tones from violet to a deep purple. This is also where my uncle loves to bake and make recipes everyday. The smell of the oven and sweet pies and cakes baking travels throughout the whole house and all of us get excited to go into the kitchen and stare into the oven’s window as the pies begin to rise and knowing that each time the pie rises, we are getting closer to eating it.

Lastly, when you step out onto the balcony, you will notice the many plants we have planted, mainly herbs that we use to cook with. Lean in closer and you are able to get a whiff of oregano and parsley. The backyard is a tight space but we still make it come to life by nurturing our plants and keeping it clean everyday. Walking down the stairs to the tiny but mighty garden of ours, you can feel how peaceful it is and sit in the chair and look around, and watch as the butterflies and bees bounce from one flower to the next collecting their pollen, sometimes even daring to come near me and flutter around me. It is where I go when I might feel overwhelmed or stressed out. The tightness of my head pounding or the feeling of needing to catch my breath subsides when I step into my garden. There is this feeling of security, like there is not one problem in the world in that moment, where all is alright.