Desperate for Space

Chris BeecherCreative Writing, Description & Scene

Exercise Prompt: Describe your space in detail. Make sure you use words that evoke at least 3 of the 5 senses. Choose a clear organizing strategy for your description (see Oregon Writes) such as inside to outside, top to bottom, front to back, or oldest to newest.

I miss my home, I’m stuck in this two bedroom apartment.  I would do anything to get my room back as I don’t even have a sense of privacy here.  My family sees me sleeping, doing homework, and ask me to do anything.  I could be doing something important and they will stop me and my momentum.  I sleep in the corner of the living room and somehow I’m always able to knock something down or kick my desk.  Everyday, there’s something to wake me up.  Whether it be the sound of oil crackling, my brother screaming for help, or the sound of the TV.   I’ll always be awake early in the morning.  These things always wake me up. The advantageous things about sleeping in the living room are having the fastest connection in the apartment and waking up to the smell of delicious food.  Other than that, I don’t like living here.  Since it is a no smoking environment the fire alarm tends to go off randomly every week in the middle of the night.  As I’m writing this, the fire alarm is going off.  How ironic.  I miss my home, especially my room.  I had the greatest thing that I miss the most.  A sense of privacy and freedom.  I didn’t wake up annoyed, the vibrant purple and yellow Lakers colors in my room brought me to ease in the morning.  I don’t have to be scared of my packages being stolen.  I was always alert of who was dropping off my packages since I was able to hear the delivery person every time.  I hate having to call the front desk and asking if they had any lost packages dropped off.  I miss having all my collectibles and sneakers piled against the wall.  I was comfortable where I was.  But I am thankful to be in the position I am.  I realized a part of me while in that tough position.  I am desperate for space.  I value space deeply. I had to make due with what space I had and I made it possible.  The great thing is that I’ll be moving back to the house soon.