English 114 Course Website – Nia Deocampo

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This student takes the informal route in her exploration of relevant social and cultural issues, including finding one’s identity and social conceptions of beauty.  Here, you’ll also find an interesting reflection on this student’s 114B experience.  Informal and conventional aspects come together to create and interesting rhetorical experience.

Today I Am Alive – Lizeth Avalos

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This student’s multi-faceted site is an excellent example of the variety made possible on a digital platform.  Here, you’ll find formal essays analyzing contemporary novels, an exploration of the hypersexualization of women, and a blog.  To move fluidly from one kind of writing to another makes one thing clear about writing in the digital world — it too, is writing.

English 114B Portfolio – Charlene Gipuland

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  In this student’s creative English 114B portfolio, new kinds of text are employed for an interesting and charming result.  Her essays on Watchmen and Geek Love demonstrate cogent analysis and are really enhanced by accompanying visual elements.  Also, don’t miss her comic preface.

English 114B Course Website – Anahid Bajikian

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Various genres are combined into one cohesive project in this student’s 114B website.  Featuring  an exploration of space and an analysis of a graphic novel, this site speaks to the rhetorical power of non-traditional texts, and the importance of engaging with these subjects.