Autobiography – Cassandra C. Sanchez

Chris BeecherAbout the Authors, New Voices

Hello, my name is Cassandra C. Sanchez. I am currently a California State University, Northridge student. The theme for our Reflection Assignment was to look back on all that we learned from our English 114a class. Creating this reflection was a huge challenge at first. I found it difficult to express my experience of my first semester through words. What helped me out was the fact that I am an art major, so imagining the worst case scenarios or events that could happen in my life, come easily. With that, I drew my experience through images and then I followed them with supporting words. Even though it was hard to start this comic, I found it extremely fun to have an English class that let me do more than just normal essays, and have the chance to experiment with something I already know so well. Making this comic helped me express myself not only through words, like most English classes do, but also through something I love, drawing.