Autobiography – Ali Alawadhi

Chris BeecherAbout the Authors, New Voices

My name is Ali Alawadhi. I was born and raised in Kuwait, and I’m 19 years old. I decided to study abroad because I want to get more experiences and get out of my comfort zone. Here in California, I enjoy asking people how old I am because my face doesn’t show that I’m 19 years old. Secondly, I speak both Arabic and English and I’ve been interested in other languages, but with time, I dropped the idea of learning them. However, I’m planning to study the languages that I dropped in the future when I have a good opportunity.  Another point to talk about is the reason I came to CSUN. Last year, I was in the ESL program (English as a Second Language) in CSU Fullerton, and one of my classmates persuaded me to apply for CSUN when he got accepted for his major studies in CSUN. At that time, I had already aplied for many universities in the United States, but I decided to add one more. To my surprise, I got accepted at CSUN, and it was faster than the other universities that I applied for. Eventually, I decided to study at CSUN because I heard there are a lot of good teachers in it. I hope to learn a lot from the university and outside the university, and get my bachelor degree in the future.