Autobiography – Mark Santiago

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My name is Mark Santiago. I was born in Los Angeles, California. I am an only child. It is currently my first year here at CSUN. I was admitted into CSUN as a Chemistry major, but I quickly changed my major to Psychology. I graduated from STEM Academy of Hollywood which was a brand new school. The class I graduated with was the …

Autobiography – Richere Barbeau

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My name is Richere Barbeau, and I am a freshman here at CSUN. My passion is art, and I am majoring in art as of now. I have a twin, and we were born on Valentine’s Day. Overall I have four siblings, my twin, and my three brothers. My favorite hobbies are singing with my sister, drawing for hours on end, watching anime, …

Composing Writing: Where Academia and Blogging Meet

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Composed of the work of an entire English 114B class, this website has tons of content to explore.  The site is divided mainly into three sections, each containing student work from one of the Projects: The Body, Beauty, & Gender; Monsters and Mythology; and Online Business Portfolio.  Spend time reading through the various student texts and remember to view the …

The World of Horror

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This blog delves into the genre of horror in its various incarnations.  Shelley Avraham provides reviews of various horror texts, exploring what horror really means.  Click the above screenshot to be taken to her blog.  

My Reflective Prezi Piece

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In this Prezi presentation from her class blog, Kathryn Whitworth explores the challenges and triumphs she experienced in her English 114 B course.  Click the screenshot above to be linked to her page, and be sure to check out her other content as well.

Give Social Media a Second Chance

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“Since its launch at Harvard University in 2004, Facebook has grown in membership to more than 250 million people in 170 countries and territories on every continent including Antarctica” states David DiSalvo in the article “Are Social Networks Messing with Your Head.” The social network has expanded and become a vital part of the internet.  DiSalvo believes social networks like …