Tende: The Foundation of My Family.

Although every family is different, there is one thing that every family has in common. Whether it is a place or object, every family has something that is close to their hearts. That place or object creates an emotional response as soon as you think of it or see it. In the case of my […]

Observing the Bus

Everyone has their own daily routines. People wake up and get ready to go to work, school, or whatever it is that they do. But how do they get there? There are many types of transportation whether it may be a bike, car, plane, bus, or train that people need to get to where they have to go. […]

Rustam’s Los Angeles

People view Los Angeles in different ways. Some people see it as a playground, a music stage, or a movie set. My Los Angeles is a giant exhibition of art by various artists. This huge exhibition is made out of architecture, museums, sculptures, and street art. It is also made up of different cultures and […]

Ethnography: Arbor Court

For my ethnography I chose the busiest place I have visited on the CSUN campus: Arbor Court. Arbor Court is located on the north side of the campus, behind Bayramian Hall. There is the Arbor, Freudian Sip, and the Super Market in the Arbor Court, as well as a big yard with over twenty tables […]

The Botanic Gardens

I am at peace; I am currently in the Botanic Gardens at CSUN, and it is surprisingly calm. People are shuffling and scuffling around the gardens’ perimeters. It makes me feel nervous; it feels like I shouldn’t be here but at the same time it feels just right. Sitting in front of me, there is […]