Women in Films: Sidekick or Equal

Analyzing images helps deconstruct the message the image is trying to convey and helps us understand why everything is portrayed the way it is. As Jack Solomon explains in his article, “Reading Visual Images Actively,” “In analyzing images, you will develop the ability to identify specific telling details and specific evidence” (33). Supremacy is the […]

How Hepburn Sells Chocolate

It is very common for an advertiser to use a celebrity to affect a product’s value, such as in Galaxy’s 2013 chocolate bar advertisement [aka Dove Chocolate], which included a digital re-creation of Audrey Hepburn. In several days, most news outlets scrambled to report this new Galaxy girl; the ad touched off a heated discussion […]

What Makes a Man

Finding the yin to your yang is a quest most people spend their lives searching for.  In the novel Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, written by Benjamin Alire Saenz, Aristotle and Dante are teens on their way to discovering who they are. The narrator of this novel is Aristotle, aka “Ari.” […]

Black Women’s Empowerment in Beyonce’s Lemonade

Beyoncé’s second visual album, Lemonade, is a masterpiece at its finest. Lemonade was created to reveal Beyoncé’s responses to the infidelity of a significant other, the empowerment of African American women, and police brutality. The most important theme is black women’s empowerment. Lemonade addresses black women’s empowerment by placing black women of different shapes and […]

What Happened to Free Speech on College Campuses?

Sarah Hemphill Universities used to be bastions of free speech and the flow of ideas. Students passionately fought for their right to not be silenced in regards to the most controversial of issues. Now, it seems as if the opposite is occurring: students in general are in favor of limiting speech and establishing safe spaces […]

Our Voices Will Make a Change

Our Voices Will Make a Change is an online blog created by Margaret Duggan and Danielle Snali in the fall of 2016. In it, the authors bring awareness and insight about police brutality. The blog provides background information, contrasting points of view, and even offer commentary on ways to end police brutality. This blog gives excellent […]

Grief: How It Controls Lives

Bradley Iverson In this Narrative, Bradley Iverson discusses a painful journey that his family went through: grieving the loss of a loved one. As he discusses this grief, he touches upon how it was unique to each individual family member. Iverson sends us a strong message to walk away with, and what we can learn, […]

Expectations of Queer Studies 114B

Amber Barraza In this reflection of Queer Studies 114B, Amber Barraza tells future students what to expect from this course, along with what she has learned. She reflects on her experiences as a writer and what it means to be an ally for the LGBTQ community. This reflection can serve as an excellent tool to […]

“Say Hello to my Little Friend”: Media’s Fear of the Gangster’s BFF

Delia Scari Dressed in a sleek black and white suit, Al Pacino, portraying the gangster, Michael Corleone, casually pulls out a gun in the middle of a diner and shoots drug lord, Sollozzo directly in the forehead. Nobody can deny the polished and cool mastery of Al Pacino’s daunting gangster, of which he has achieved […]