English 114 Course Website – Nia Deocampo

Vana Derohanessian Film and Media, Literary Analysis, Social Criticism, Uncategorized, Wings

This student takes the informal route in her exploration of relevant social and cultural issues, including finding one’s identity and social conceptions of beauty.  Here, you’ll also find an interesting reflection on this student’s 114B experience.  Informal and conventional aspects come together to create and interesting rhetorical experience.

Today I Am Alive – Lizeth Avalos

Vana Derohanessian Argument, Literary Analysis, Social Criticism, Uncategorized, Wings

This student’s multi-faceted site is an excellent example of the variety made possible on a digital platform.  Here, you’ll find formal essays analyzing contemporary novels, an exploration of the hypersexualization of women, and a blog.  To move fluidly from one kind of writing to another makes one thing clear about writing in the digital world — it too, is writing.

Hope Lost in the Ocean’s Ugliness

Amber Norwood Creative Writing, New Voices, Previous Editions, Responding to a Text, Social Criticism

Isolated in an ocean of grey, none others present but the clear loose plastic that surrounds the abandon wooden boat. A wooden boat whose appearance looks like rusty, ancient handles bars from a forgotten bicycle. This immense amount of waste floating on a grime-filled body of water is motionless. His hope is trapped in the surroundings of multiple junk food …

The Need to Look and Feel Beautiful

Amber Norwood Advertisement Analysis, Argument, New Voices, Previous Editions, Social Criticism

A woman with a seemingly-perfect face is staring directly at you with the phrases “crow’s feet”, “dark circles”, and “fine lines” written across the side of her cheek. These negative words are used to draw the attention of women who fear they have the same issues, so they can stop, look, and relate to the ad. Maybelline’s Instant Anti-Age, the Eraser, …

Sex in Advertising

Amber Norwood Advertisement Analysis, Argument, Film and Media, New Voices, Previous Editions, Social Criticism

A bikini model in a commercial for a car, a bikini model in an ad for watches, and bikini models on news posters. Today, sex and advertising go hand in hand. With today’s influence of media, advertisers are trying to reach their audience everywhere, from posters at bus-stops, to internet and TV commercials. Sex is often an important factor in …