Autobiography – Mikael Perry

Hi, my name is Mikael, and I attend California State University, Northridge as a Business Management major. I am 19 years old and am going into my second year at CSUN. I hope that you enjoy my essay!

Autobiography – Ali Alawadhi

My name is Ali Alawadhi. I was born and raised in Kuwait, and I’m 19 years old. I decided to study abroad because I want to get more experiences and get out of my comfort zone. Here in California, I enjoy asking people how old I am because my face doesn’t show that I’m 19 […]

Autobiography – Jenny Dullas

I am a Filipino American, born and raised in Lancaster,CA. I previously attended Antelope Valley High School, where I graduated in gold and was ranked as the fifth valedictorian. Currently, I am a freshmen here at Cal State Northridge. Also, I am part of EOP and before starting school, I attended a summer bridge program over the summer […]

Autobiography – Pamela C. Palencia

I’m a young, independent individual who is spontaneous, passionate, creative, and filled with ambition. I am born and raised in California and the first in my family to attend a four year university. Growing up, I always believed that our past is what really shapes our future. I believe I am the writer I am […]

Autobiography – Bianca Lowe

My name is Bianca Lowe, and I came to California State University, Northridge in Fall 2013 as a student-athlete for the Women’s collegiate soccer team. Currently, I am entering my sophomore year and majoring in Kinesiology in hopes of one day becoming a physical therapist. I attended Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland, California where I built a […]

Autobiography – Heidy Hernandez

I am the first in my family to attend a four-year college. I grew up all over the San Fernando Valley. I moved a lot growing up. School has always been very important to me. My family motivates me to strive for the best. I want to make my family proud in everything I do. […]

Autobiography – Elissa Rodas

I am an extraordinary Belizean-American girl from Alhambra, California. I’m a first generation student majoring in Liberal Studies pursuing to become a teacher. I like to run, try new foods from different cultures, sing in the shower, and play soccer. Although I never loved writing, I soon learned that writing isn’t something that can be done over night […]

Autobiography – Claus Offersen

Claus Offersen is an international student from Denmark who moved to California in August, 2013. His majoring in Marketing which is one of his passions. Besides Marketing, personal development, improvements and entrepreneurship are his niche. Furthermore, Claus likes to travel and meet cultures from all around the world.

Autobiography – Valentina Moreno

I was practically born with a pencil in my hand and with a huge imagination. At a young age I spent most of my time drawing and telling stories about the monsters underneath your bed and the realm of pixies or mermaids. I was born in the UCLA hospital in California, and I spent some […]

Autobiography – Cassandra C. Sanchez

Hello, my name is Cassandra C. Sanchez. I am currently a California State University, Northridge student. The theme for our Reflection Assignment was to look back on all that we learned from our English 114a class. Creating this reflection was a huge challenge at first. I found it difficult to express my experience of my first semester […]